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Trevor/VK0TH wrote his QRZ.com page.

  • VK0TH QRT - Operator behavior has become a problem JA stations and EU stations that constantly call over other stations, don't hear or jam have turned a fun hobby into a stressful environment. I worked over 200 JA stations today (13/14 January) and when sending NO JA in the call it all got very ugly. I will be QRT for the next few days while I re-evaulate how much radio i will continue doing while on Macquarie Island and how it is done. My apologies to those that wanted VK0/M, I can't see this behaviour changing and I'm not willing to spend my free time doing something that is no longer fun. My apologies. Trevor.

  • Add 01/15/2012 0200z

  • Change to Operations - The vast majority of Operators are excellent communicators, patient and polite however the minority have made operations over the last week almost impossible. The number of contacts made this week is less than half of last week due to QRM.

Effective immediately - No longer will I list real time frequency information on my qrz.com page and I will no longer self spot on the cluster when I have limited time available. I will make a habit of 'dropping' into nets and conversations more often and will QSY when operations become difficult. Again my apologies I thought I could work through these huge pileups and bring order to the chaos. Those that haven't been involved in these sorts of pileups have all the solutions, splits, work by numbers and can't understand what is so difficult. I will post some audio samples of SSB and CW pileups and perhaps that will give you some idea.


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